Learning to Love Secondhand Clothing Again With thredUP

Navy blazer, stripes, pink pleated skirt
Navy blazer, stripes, pink pleated skirt

Banana Republic blazer NWT /  J.Crew top  /  Banana Republic skirt

Navy blazer, stripes, pink pleated skirt
Navy blazer, stripes, pink pleated skirt

When I was in high school money was tight, and for a time I exclusively shopped at thrift stores. Since then, I’ve rarely re-visited secondhand shopping as an adult. One of my biggest objections was convenience. It seemed like any time I’d shop secondhand there would be literally nothing in my size. Not to mention I do almost all my shopping online these days, so asking me to drive to any store is rarely going to happen! But thredUP is completely revolutionizing the way I feel about secondhand clothing. They make it so easy – you’re able to filter by brand, size, color, and price (check out their under $10, under $20 and under $35 pages). I found the outfits in today’s post within minutes and I never had to leave my couch! 

The other reason I’m changing my tune is because of my growing concern for the environment. I did a lot of research last year for my book on the environmental impact of the garment industry, and with the huge amounts of clothing circulating the earth, we desperately need a company like thredUP to “recycle” clothing on a large scale and make sure it finds a new home. And especially when the clothes are this cute – I’m happy to give them that home! Here’s a list of what I got:

Banana Republic navy blazer NWT, $48 (orig. $178) 
Banana Republic pink pleated skirt, $19 (orig. $118)
J.Crew stripe sequin top, $24 (orig. $89)

Trina Turk silk top, $50 (orig. $228)
J.Crew yellow pleated skirt, $28 (orig. $98)

Two outfits for less than $100! And I don’t just like them because they were inexpensive, these are legitimately two of the cutest outfits I’ve ever added to my closet! I can see re-wearing this navy blazer and yellow skirt a gazillion times (rough estimate) with anything and everything.

Whatever your thoughts or past experiences on secondhand shopping may be, perhaps give thredUP a try? They certainly changed my mind. You might be surprised at what you find, and the environment sure will love you for it!!

(ps. If it's your first time shopping thredUP be sure to use code JSEVERY40 to receive 40% off! Discount up to $50, expires 8/1/17.)

Trina Turk top, pleated yellow skirt, pink purse
Trina Turk top, pleated yellow skirt, pink purse

Trina Turk top  /  J.Crew skirt

Trina Turk top, pleated yellow skirt, pink purse

Today’s post is brought to you by thredUP. All clothing selections, opinions, and editorial decisions are solely my own. 

Today's Everyday Fashion: 10 Outfits From Last Summer I'm Wearing Again

While I certainly enjoy the creative process of putting together new outfits, you will most often find me re-wearing something I already own. I enjoy re-wearing for different reasons: it's a shortcut that saves time, it's the most budget-friendly option, and it's earth-friendly. (But I don't have to tell you that, because repeating outfits is the reality for all of us!) Here are 10 outfits from last summer I'm most excited about wearing again this year:

1.  I will be wearing this ruffled look exactly as pictured (just switching to hoops for earrings). Here's an identical blue top at JCPenney and a longer version at Nordstrom.

2. This look is a no-brainer given that gingham tops the list of summer trends! Identical shirt here.

3. Four years later and I'm just as excited about wearing this skirt! Planning to wear it like last year as pictured, only with a soft nude clutch. To achieve this type of look, check out this gorgeous embroidered skirt I will be posting outfit pictures with soon.

4. I wore this dress to a wedding in Bellingham, WA last weekend (with these heels in blush) and it was a big hit! It's on sale for $69 here, and it also comes in plus size and petite.

5. A white shirtdress is the perfect foundation for any number of outfits, and I love the mix of navy, black and brown in this outfit I wore to India last summer. Same hat in stock here, and dress here

6. I wore this outfit this weekend for a women's brunch I hosted at our house. The shorts are from two years ago - I swear these vibrant colors never get old. More fun printed shorts here and here.

7. This is my go-to sundress by Amanda Uprichard! Wore it a couple months ago for lunch with one of my favorite TV anchors, turned full-time blogger - photo on IG here.

8.  Another take on the gingham trend that is still going strong! I wore this outfit for a coffee date with a friend a couple weeks ago. Similar shorts here, here and here.

9. I wore this top with black shorts for dinner recently; here's the same top on Amazon.

10. Planning to wear this look for a date night with the hubs this summer. You can be (almost) twinsies with me in this outfit: top and skirt.


Honorable mentions: I wore versions of these three outfits a couple months ago, on our trip to Europe!
11. Rainbow dress (shop this brand here)
12. Black white polka dot (identical skirt here)
13. Blue stripe dress (similar dress here, here)

Which one is your favorite?

Today's Everyday Fashion: Pink Bows

Pink bow sweater, pink pencil skirt
Pink bow sweater, pink pencil skirt
Pink bow sweater, pink pencil skirt
Inspiration: J.Crew (also at Nordstrom)

Inspiration: J.Crew (also at Nordstrom)


The saying goes, "On Wednesdays we wear pink," however, isn't any day of the week fitting for this wonderful color? I certainly think so, which is why the minute I saw the catalog photo, I turned into a cartoon with hearts as eyes!! I couldn't wait to make this pink-on-pink color combo my own, and in what can only be described as Office Barbie, the result is similar but also potentially work appropriate. Check out even more pink bows, below!

Sweater: J.Crew, $7 (with $20 coupon)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory, $30
Shoes: Steve Madden c/o Ross, $25 (similarsimilar)
Purse: Aldo c/o Amazon, $40 (similarsimilar
Earrings: Kate Spade outlet, $15 (same)
Sunglasses: Foster Grant, $15 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Shoes and purse are 2 years ago. Sweater is recent. Skirt is new.

Pink bows on a budget